What do you use to refuel after a good workout?  Whether its CrossFit, running, biking, or whatever I happen to be up to at the time, I am always looking for a good all natural sports drink. 

I tried BODYARMOR and love the taste as well as the all natural ingredients.  Give it a try and see what you think.

 BodyArmor Upgrade your sports drink


BODYARMOR is definitely a SuperDrink, it contains:

  • It’s made with coconut water
  • Has 600mg potassium (total blend of electrolytes 704mg)
  • 200% of Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9, B12
  • 100% of Vitamins A, C, E.
  • NOTHING ARTIFICIAL! Natural colors,… Continue reading

So this week I’m planning on doing things a little different than normal.  We all have our favorite meals at my home.  I’ll be honest I have several favorite foods but I’m going to try to pick our absolute favorite recipes to share with you.

So here is the plan for next week.  Remember that I serve fruits and veggies with every meal.

Monday: Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich with Sandwich Buns

Chick-Fil-A Sandwich Recipe.  Clean eating. Real food. Whole-wheat

Tuesday: Tomato Basil Tortellini Pasta.  If you know my family than you know Alex picked this meal. :)

Tomato Basil Tortellini Recipe.  Real Food Ingredients.  Clean Eating.  This is my familes favorite meal!!!

Wednesday: Chicken Drumsticks. This is Ben’s pick.  I love these because… Continue reading

We are busy, busy, busy, just as you are I’m sure you are.  It’s crazy how much time we spend doing homework, sports, and just doing family stuff.

If I did not have a game plan for dinner I know that either we would eat out or we would eat much later.  Which would be  a huge  stressor for me.  My boys need to eat :)

They always say that a way to a mans heart is through his stomach.  If this is the case I’m pretty sure Alex will never leave home.  Just this morning he took it upon himself to warm… Continue reading


I have been waiting to try this recipe for a little while now and never had the chance.  I have been craving muffins…uh maybe cupcakes…and figured it was time to give this recipe a try.  Boy am I glad that I did.

I had some extra raspberries in the fridge so I went for it.

Theses muffins turned out ridiculously good!  I think they actually turned out as good as cupcakes…true story.  They will definitely be made again in the near future.

Whole Wheat Lemon Raspberry Muffins.  Clean Eating. Real Food.  perfect for a snack or breakfast


Whole-Wheat Lemon Raspberry Muffins
Yields 12
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  1. •1½ cups whole-wheat… Continue reading

Finally cooler weather is coming our way…I am so ready.  Break out the chili and soup recipes. 

My kids are planning on sleeping all night in a tent this weekend, which I know they will enjoy.  We don’t usually eat hot dogs, but I think we will this weekend if the weather is good for a fire.  Let me just say I buy organic all beef hotdogs.  They are for special occasions only.

 Here is our plan for this week.  As always, click on the link next to the day to go to the recipe for that meal.  Remember that I serve… Continue reading

Every time I make pork tenderloin I end up with left-overs.  Sometimes I get tired of eating left-overs meal for the next several meals, and I do not want good food to be thrown away. So why not change it up a bit?

I began to think…what can I do with this extra meat?  On this particular day chili sounded really good thus, I combined the two.

Well, let me just say, that this turned out pretty great.  In fact, I will not have to have “left-over” pork to do this again.  I really liked it and so did my husband and kids. … Continue reading

I am glad this week is coming to an end.  I need some time to rest and relax with my little ones. :) We do have one baseball game this weekend but other than that we have no commitments! 

I am trying out several new recipes, a few I have liked and will be coming to my blog soon.  So check back!!! I’ve made some muffins, pulled pork chili, and chicken tacos/nachos which all turned out great.  I love sharing my successful recipes with all my readers and friends.

So for this upcoming week here is my plan.  Remember that I… Continue reading